The ASS Subject Review

We know that university is tough, actuarial studies even more so! That’s why we’ve published the first ever edition of the Actuarial Students’ Society Subject Review. In this guide, you’ll find reviews of all sorts of subjects that you’ll come across in the major – both CT and non-CT inclusive, to help make your studies that little bit more informed! These reviews are all written by students, for students, to keep it real and rooted in the realities of actuarial studies, and to share our experiences as a student body so that everyone’s prepared for the road ahead.

Check inside to get a better idea of what’s coming up. Happy studying! :)

ASS Subject Review 2015

ASS Subject Review 2016 – Start of Year

ASS Subject Review 2016 – Mid-Year

ASS Subject Review 2016 – End of Year

ASS Subject Review 2017 – Mid-Year


Do you have strong opinions about a subject you’ve done as a part of your Actuarial degree? We invite you to submit your own review, to be published in our next edition of the ASS Subject Review! A form will be linked here when submissions are open.

We have also provided a set of guidelines for you to follow when writing your review, which can be accessed here.

If you require any assistance, please contact the Actuarial Students’ Society at