Have a look through our members’ most frequently asked questions:

What subjects should I take?

You can find an example course outline at the University of Melbourne’s Actuarial Studies Major page.

What are exemptions and how to I get them?

The Actuaries Institute is the place to go if you are looking for the latest news on Exemptions.

Does the university have a dedicated actuarial department?

Yes, The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Actuarial Studies is a great place to find out more about the major.

Which faculty runs the actuarial studies major?

The Actuarial Studies Major is part of the commerce degree under the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Are there any other useful departments I should be aware of?

No doubt you will need the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at some point in your studies.


If you’re a first year student, looking to get some key information about the major, check out our slides from the 2017 First Year Information Session. We hope you find them informative!

First Year Info Session 2017


If you are about to finish your third year of your Actuarial degree and want to find out more about further opportunities to study with the Actuarial Department, check out these slides from the 2016 Honours & MCom Information Session.

Honours and MCom (Actuarial Studies) at Melbourne 2016