Actuaries Institute

Actuaries Institute

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Actuaries assess risks through long-term analyses, modelling and scenario planning and provide expert comment on a broad range of business-related problems. This unrivalled expertise enables the profession to comment on a range of business-related problems including enterprise risk management, finance and investment, prudential regulation, retirement income policy, general insurance, life insurance and health financing.

As the sole professional body for actuaries in Australia, the Actuaries Institute represents the position of its members to government, the business community and the general public. We are committed to providing independent and expert advice on public policy issues where there is uncertainty of future financial outcomes.

The Institute represents and supports its members by:

  • educating the next generation of actuaries and ensuring skills and knowledge are constantly developed through continuous professional development;
  • establishing and maintaining strict professional and ethical standards;
  • fostering a strong professional network and promoting and advancing knowledge in specialist areas of actuarial science through research and events and seminars; and
  • contributing to public policy through policy submissions, thought-leadership and expert analysis.