Professional Development

With the aim to improve our members’ skills in areas barely touched on in normal coursework, we held our first Essential Excel Skills workshop in 2015, which reached overflow capacity as it attracted both Actuarial and non-actuarial students from all year levels. Following this success, we intend to introduce more soft and technical skill building workshops, including a series of Excel workshops to cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques like VBA coding, supplemented by an Interview and/or Presentation skills workshop.

The workshops also aim to provide a more hands-on approach to learning about the actuarial field, by allowing students to analyse real data sets used by actuarial firms, and present on issues currently affecting the insurance or superannuation industry.



Essential Excel Skills Workshop

The workshop held by Quantium in 2015 included the topics:

  • Basic formulae (sum, count, counta, average, vlookup, if)
  • Formatting (ribbons, resizing cells / rows / columns, format painter, conditional formatting)
  • Conditional formulae (sumifs, averageifs, countifs)
  • Creating charts
  • Introduction to pivot tables and charts
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts