Networking is a great way to find our more about what a company is really like from an insider’s perspective. We offer a variety of both laid back networking events and formal networking events where you can ask our sponsors about how they went about pursuing their actuarial careers.


Trivia Night

Actuarial students are great at maths but how do they fare at trivia? About a month into first semester each year, we hold our annual trivia night where a series of gruelling history, sport, entertainment, nature and general knowledge questions are asked and students are put to the test against our sponsors. Trivia night also features our annual push-up competition and doughnut eating competition. Of course, there are plenty of chances to network with our sponsors throughout the night in a laid back environment.


Poker Night

Actuarial studies is all about managing risk, so theoretically, we should all be great at poker. Our annual poker night is always one of our most popular events. Held at the Melbourne Central Lions Hotel, with professional poker dealers, students and sponsors compete in an intense poker competition. If you don’t know how to play poker, there is a beginners tournament at the start to help you learn the rules of the game. Prizes are awarded to the longest standing poker players, with first prize having been an iPad in the previous years.


Pool Night

At pool night, we never fail to see some brilliant ball sinking and also some hilarious misses but the night always promises to be a lot of fun. In our friendly pool competition, students and sponsors will play against each other to see who can sink all their balls the fastest. It’s a chance to bond with sponsors over your not so great pool skills or just to have a chat about what life as an actuary is like. As always, prizes will be provided to the best pool players of the night.


Contact Night

Held on level 89 of the Eureka Tower, Contact Night is our premier event for the year. Surrounded by amazing views, this is a unique opportunity to network with representatives from all our sponsor firms and learn more about the industry. A selection of delectable canapés and unlimited drinks will be served on the night. Our annual magazine – Vision, will also be distributed on this night so to get all the latest information about what is happening in the actuarial industry and to read great stories written by your fellow actuaries, make sure you attend Contact Night.