Club Events

University life can be hectic, especially when you are doing an actuarial degree. Therefore, throughout the year, we have a series of club events that will help you to meet a few friendly faces and to become more comfortable doing the actuarial degree.



O-Week & Academic Advice Day

Throughout O-Week and Academic Advice Day, we will have a stall where you can get to know a little bit more about us and be able to sign up for membership. Signing up during O-Week means you will also get a free show bag filled with items such as pens, sticky notes, brochures, laptop cases and many more goodies from our sponsors. We will also have a snow cone machine on some of the days so look out for us during O-Week!



Pizza & BBQ Lunches

If you want to meet some of your fellow actuarial students, you should head down to one of our pizza or BBQ lunches, usually held in the first few weeks of each semester. It’s a great chance to meet not only students from your year level, but also students across other year levels. You will also be able to gain valuable insight into the actuarial degree and study and career advice from older students. Food and drinks will be provided and these events are free for all members.


First Year Information Session

The actuarial degree does sound daunting and a bit confusing when you start out as a first year and we understand that many first years are unsure about subject requirements or exemption standards. Therefore, at the start of each year, we hold an information session exclusively for first years where you can ask any questions you have about what the course involves. Of course, this is also a great chance to meet other first years and chat over some light refreshments following the information session.


International Students’ Information Session

We also understand that it is often hard for international students to know which companies actually hire international students so at our International Students’ Information Session, we will tell you which of our sponsor companies have opportunities for international students. We also have a panel of international students who will provide information about where they have worked in the past and other valuable career advice.