The Actuarial Students’ Society was formed in the 1990’s with the objective of enhancing the professional and social lives of our members. We are here to support you as a student and to make your actuarial studies experience the best it can be. By forging relationships between employers and students, as well as between our members, we endeavour to provide educational and fun experiences for both our members and our sponsors. With an ever growing membership base, the society caters for all those studying the Actuarial Studies major of the Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne.

Throughout the year, the society provides members with valuable exposure to industry through our annual Contact Night, ‘Sponsor vs. Student’ competitions and careers luncheons, in addition to an array of activities that allow them to interact in a social setting. Our members can therefore develop professional skills, learn about career pathways and achieve their long-term goals while having fun with fellow actuarial students. Sponsors are given opportunities not only to interact with some of the brightest minds in their field of study, but also to position themselves at the vanguard of their industry in the minds of our members.

The committee is made up of 5 executive officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Education Officer

And 11 non-executive members:

  • Sponsorship Officer
  • Activities Officer
  • 3 Subcommittee Members
  • Year Representatives (Honours, Third, Second, and 3 First)

Elections are held once a year during the the Annual General Meeting. All positions except for Subcommittee and First Year Representatives are open for voting. Subcommittee and First Year Representatives are chosen by the committee through an interview process at the beginning of each academic year. If you are interested in joining, please contact us.